Timber Products

At 4D Hardware we strive to provide our customers with the best service as possible, one way to achieve that is to associate ourselves with some of the best manufactures and suppliers in the industry.

We can cater for all your timber product needs from Structural to Fit Out.

For more information and details please contact us at or visit the following websites.

Timber Products by Tilling

Tilling Timber Smart Frame Catalgoue Please visit Tilling for more timber product information, or download Smart Frame CataglogueDownload Tilling Smart Frame Catalogue

Tilling Timber Architectural Catalogue Please visit Tilling for more timber product information, or download Architectural CataglogueDownload Tilling Architectural Catalogue

Timber Flooring & Decking by Boral   

     Boral Timber Products      Boral Timber Products

For more Timber Flooring & Decking, please visit Boral.

Timber Products by Finlayson

     Finlayson Timber Products      Finlayson Timber Products

For more Timber Products, please visit Finlayson.

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