Flooring Products

Our Flooring Products are sourced from a wide range of suppliers and manufactures from local and abroad.

Our association with some of the world most prestigious Flooring Products manufactures gives us a wide and unique range of products.

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Tiles by 4D Hardware

Ceramic Wall Tile 1LT4515 and 2LT3015 TERRA
Ceramic Wall Tile
  Ceramic Wall Tile 1STC600G and 1LT4500G BIANCO
Ceramic Wall Tile
Product Code Size Product Code Size
1LT4515 450X300 1STC600G 600X300
2LT3015 300X300 1LT4500G 450X300
Procelain Wall / Floor Tile CXB6003 and CXB6003AK GRIGGIO
Porcelain Wall/Floor Tile
  Procelain Wall / Floor Tile CLPA6001 and CLPA3601 RIGATO
Porcelain Wall/Floor Tile
Product Code Size Product Code Size
CXB6003 600X600 CLPA6001 600X600
CXB6003AK 600X600 CLPA3601 600X600
Procelain Wall / Floor Tile JCO6017 TRAVETTINO
Porcelain Wall/Floor Tile
  Vitrified Wall / Floor Tile LR63503 and LR33503 ROCCIA
Vitrified Wall/Floor Tile
Product Code Size Product Code Size
JCO6017 300X300 LR63503 600X300
JCO6017 600X300 LR33503 300X300
JCO6017 600X600    
Procelain Wall / Fllor Tile 1CP6105 PIETRA
Porcelain Wall/Floor Tile
  LR33503 300X300
Product Code Size    
1CP6105 600X600    

Flooring Products by Mapei

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Timber Flooring & Decking by Boral   

     Boral Timber Flooring      Boral Timber Flooring

For more Timber Flooring & Decking, please visit Boral.

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